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  • set. 06, 2012
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Supply of solutions for rapid prototyping, 3D printing, volumetric scanning and additive manufacture of metal products by the selective laser melting method.
3D printing: Objet
Scanning: AGE Solutions
Selective laser melting: Concept Laser
The rapid prototyping state-of-the-art technologies allow to create the samples of almost any object to meet the tasks of visualization, verification of collectability and functional testing, within the shortest possible period of time. A wide range of the model materials is available, including the rubber-like and transparent materials. It’s also possible to make the models from several materials with different properties. The prototypes can be glued, painted in any color and even metalized. The obtained prototype imitates finished products perfectly in appearance and on touch. The precision in making prototypes allows to assembly the working units. The prototypes can successfully be tested with liquids to measure the hydrodynamic parameters and can be blown inside the aerodynamic tunnel.
The additive manufacturing allows to obtain the finished products from various metals with complex geometry.
Application spheres
Prototyping: science and education, machine-building industry, consumer goods, jewelry production;
Medicine: dentistry, audiology, orthopedics, surgery, unique medical tools;
Molding: silicon casting, low-pressure injection casting, mold metal casting, sand casting, conforming chill molds;
Architecture, entertainment business, museums and many others